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Vacation Notification

  • Going on vacation or returning north for the summer? We highly recommend you have a house watch person to keep an eye on things while you are away. Please update the office so we know how to contact you and your house watch in the event of an emergency. Travel safely!

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  • NOTE: During your absence, management reserves the right under the provisions of your prospectus to perform maintenance on your home and leased lot as necessary to maintain prescribed standards. In the event we are unable to contact your house watch person (or you have not provided us with one, and we are unable to reach you, management will have services performed such as lawn and yard cleanup, yard light repair, sprinkler repair and house washing at the rates provided in your prospectus. You will be billed and responsible for paying these charges. You must leave your sprinkler system on when you leave. The water to the home may be turned off. (This is called vacation mode with City of Auburndale Water Department.) Your yard light must also remain lit 365 days per year.

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